Roll Fix Concrete Kit

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Mortar free, making it quick to install in most weathers.

The seal comes with fixed lugs for easy application on concrete ridge and hips.

Complies with BS8612 for performance, BS 5250 for ventilation & BS 5534 for mechanical fixing.

Available in 3 colours that complement most tiles and slates.

Product Description

Concrete Roll-Fix Kit is a universal ventilating dry ridge and hip system most suited for ventilating concrete ridge/hip tiles. Available in 3 colours to blend in with the roof, it comes in a practical all-in-one kit.

Area of application

Suits most concrete ridge tiles.

Can be used on clay ridge tiles, where lugs do not interfere. Additional fixings would be required for 300mm clay ridge tiles.

Can be used on hips however trays and clips are not included.

Installation Tips

To allow ridge ventilation, cut the underlay 30 mm short of apex on each side.

The method of fixing ridge battens will depend upon the type of roof structure. Once the ridge batten is in position, Uni Roll-Fix is rolled out along the ridge orhip and stapled or nailed to theridge/hip batten.

Peel away the adhesive strip’s backing tape and push-fit the corrugated side flaps to follow the profile of the tiles. The ridge tiles are secured by using the screw and washer provided to fix the Clamping Plate through the Ridge Seal into the ridge batten.

Finish the ridge ends with either a Klober Ridge End Cap, block end ridge tile or mortar.

Full fixing instructions are available included in Uni Roll-Fix Kit packs.

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