Wakaflex Lead Free Flashing 140mm

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Highly stretchable in length and width when dressed into the pan of the tile.

Unique product composition with a self-welding effect.

Non toxic and lightweight material with no scrap value.

Stretches over details whilst dressing to give a smoother and neater finish.

Available Colours: Anthracite

Product Description

Wakaflex is a non toxic flexible, self-adhesive flashing designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications.This flashing alternative can be stretched over details whilst dressing to give a smoother and neater finish. Wakaflex extends up to 50% in length and 15% in width when dressing the Wakaflex onto the bigger profile tiles on the roof.

Area of application

For use on chimney, abutment & saddle.

Installation Tips

Please ensure Wakaflex is only laid on dry and dust,oil,fat-silicone and ice-free surfaces

Please ensure, that the non-supported gap between tiles and any rising building parts is less than 50mm; otherwise install additional support

For profiled tiles the sided overlap of Wakaflex has to follow over the next hip to the end of the water channel. With plain tiles the sided overlap has to be at least 120mm

Wakaflex is not compatible with the following substances: Bitumen, tar, turpentine, petrol, fat, nitro-paint thinner, oil, hydrochloric-acid, tetrahydrofuran

The minimum overlap of two pieces of Wakaflex have to be at least 50mm. Don’t implement the joint against the water course.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg